Freed Corby still to show her face

Corrections officers met the new parolee only briefly and say she said little and kept her face mostly covered.


Corby was released on Monday from Kerobokan Prison in Bali after nine years in jail, and has been keeping her comments to officials brief.

A nation obsessed with Corby:

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Corby cried in the prosecutor’s office when asked how she was, saying she felt traumatised by the enormous jostling media pack that had tailed her since her release.

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— Ashleigh Steele (@ashleighksteele) February 9, 2014

The 36-year-old said nothing to the dozens of reporters screaming questions at her, and cried in the prosecutor’s office when asked how she was.

“We asked her about her condition and she once cried, saying she’s still in trauma over the journalists,” said Agung Bagus Kusimantara, head of the Intelligence Section in Denpasar’s Prosecutions Office.

After her release, she had to fulfil official requirements, going to the prosecutor’s office and then to the corrections office, known as Bapas.

She had been in a prison van but she left Bapas in a private car.

Huge police presence outside Kerobokan prison #SchapelleCorby @SBSNews pic.twitter上海桑拿,/XcgoNKV7Nj

— Ashleigh Steele (@ashleighksteele) February 9, 2014

There is speculation she left to do an exclusive interview with the Seven Network.

Ketut Artha, the head of Bapas, said even he was allowed only a peek at the famous parolee’s face, which she has been hiding from the media with several layers – a sarong, a scarf and a hat.

Mr Artha said Bapas officials met Corby, accompanied by her guarantor, brother-in-law Wayan Widyartha, for about 20 minutes.

“I actually wanted to give her lots of directions, but in the situation it was not possible,” he told reporters.

“Lots of questions were unanswered. And when she answered, she only said yes.”

Prosecutors got Corby to sign a release letter, stamped three of her fingers and took a photo.

But Mr Artha said she didn’t cry in his interview.

“She was not crying, just reluctant to speak,” he said.

He advised her to calm herself, be kind and not violate the conditions of her parole, which will see her live with Wayan and her sister Mercedes in Kuta until 2017.

“I got a chance to ask to see her face and she only opened her cover a bit,” Mr Artha said.

Earlier at the prison, where Corby rushed into a green prison van through a human tunnel of police, prison boss Farid Junaedi told reporters Corby’s condition on Monday morning was “just fine, only a little bit nervous and asking why there’s so many people and reporters”.

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Mr Junaedi said Corby was searched before she was released.

“After she was clear, then she could get out,” he said.

“According to the last data, Corby will stay in her sister’s (Mercedes) house.”

He said she took her make-up and clothes with her as she left.

Earlier, Mr Junaedi said Mercedes didn’t join her husband at the jail because of the crush when she visited on Friday.

He said if Corby violated her parole, he would “pull her back”.

In Queensland, her mother Roseleigh Rose celebrated Corby’s release with champagne and dancing at her home in Loganlea.

An elated Ms Rose was screaming and crying as she watched Corby leave the prison on television.

“It was just beautiful to see my beautiful Schapelle come out from those doors,” she told the Seven Network.